Tuesday, May 18, 2010

50% Off Prints at Poketo


Get 'em while you can! These and many more.

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Little Friends of Printmaking



Thomas Doyle at LeBasse Projects


Thomas Doyle makes unbelievable, and unbelievably tiny creations, that leave us agog. And he's got a whole new show of them at LeBasse Projects.

"For 'Collateral Damage,' Doyle continues to explore the impact of memory through his Distillation Series. Based on the premise that a personality can be distilled down to certain key formative events, the work in this series centers on the home and family life. Doyle begins with this safe, archetypal space, then distorts reality through a warped and dreamlike lens, in much the same way the mind recalls events through the fog of time. The result is a world where houses are inverted, earth crumbles away, and people sink into the ground - all trapped under glass and frozen in time."

LeBasse Projects
6023 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA

Thomas Doyle


Friday, May 14, 2010

New Group Show at Roq la Rue

Yumiko Kayukawa

"Tiger Tiger Burning Bright," the new show at the seminal Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle, brings together an amazing roster of artists.

"A group show based around the theme of tigers, inspired by the dynamic poem " The Tiger" by visionary artist and painter William Blake.
Additionally, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar, and the animal is a very visible example of the environmental problem of habitat loss and rampant poaching, with the reported last wild Indochinese tiger being killed and eaten in December 2009."

Artists include Travis Louis, Yumiko Kayukawa, Audrey Kawasaki, Lisa Petrucci, Angelique Houtkamp, Bob Dob, Anthony Ausgang,
Isabel Samaras, and other greats.

Opening Night Friday, May 14. Preview it here.

Roq la Rue
2312 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121

Audrey Kawasaki

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hukilau Hai!


The Hukilau, the ultimate tiki event, hulas into its ninth year in existence, this June 10-13th in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. There will be a cocktail challenge, a tiki bazaar, seminars galore, and of course the requisite fire-eating mermaid.

But best of all, a Tiki Art Show, featuring the Tiki God himself, Shag, along with dozens of other art luminaries (or should we say tiki torches), including Bosko, Dave Burke, Derek Yaniger, Mitch O'Connell, The Pizz, Skot Olsen, and OF COURSE Lisa Petrucci.

Here's a little peek at what to expect.

Lisa Petrucci

Derek Yaniger

The Hukilau

Lovely New Print by Amy Ruppel


Amy Ruppel just released this beautiful print on her Etsy page. Get it while it's hot.

I Heart Redwoods, by Amy Ruppel.

$40, limited to 100 prints.

Amy Ruppel

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Print by Danna Ray Available Tuesday


We Are Connected by Danna Ray

Limited edition. $35. 15% of sales goes to Doctors Without Borders.

Available today to subscribers of The Working Proof. Available Tuesday to everyone else. Become a subscriber and get early shots at the art. Subscribing is free.

Danna Ray