Friday, September 17, 2010

Shag - The Disneyland Years


Shag: The Disneyland Years at the Shag Store

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Loveliness from Edwin Ushiro and Yoskay Yamamoto

Edwin Ushiro



Yoskay Yamamoto



Works by Edwin Ushiro and Yoskay Yamamoto, from the just opened Roq La Rue show

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bigfoot Stomps into the Hurley Space art gallery


Bigfoot at the Hurley Space

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Limited Edition Toy by Itokin Park and Amanda Visell



Bed Monster by Itokin Park and Amanda Visell

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Might Just Be the World's First Toy Art Gallery...


According to the press release, "High-end, one-of-a-kind toys are the newest offshoot of the ‘low-brow’ art movement - riffs on underground, street and pop culture – born in 1970s Los Angeles. So it makes sense that Hollywood boasts the world’s first Toy Art Gallery, which will host the Red Carpet Kaiju Show on September 4th, featuring works from the likes of Akoart, Alimana, and Emilio Garcia, respected artists who will travel from Japan, Spain and Mexico to attend.

"Toy Art Gallery is proud to present its newest group show, Red Carpet Kaiju. TAG will debut Gonzalez’ controversial “Hierophany” toy, and has invited some of the best monster and kaiju-inspired artists from around the world to showcase their unique visions and talents within this strange and wonderful sub-genre of art toys."

Sounds like a new must-see on LA's increasingly amazing art tour.

Toy Art Gallery

New Dave Kinsey Show at Joshua Liner Gallery


From Dave Kinsey: "In this new body of work I primarily explore emotional and environmental boundaries, as I perceive them, in the context of the growing discord between humanity and nature. The state of the world today concerns me and I want try to affect, if not change, at least a feeling of realization or understanding when people view my work.

I have also spent time on cyclical issues, namely in the Continuum series, which clearly represents the reality of our earth-bound physical nature; beauty and death are ultimately dancing partners..."

New Works by Dave Kinsey at Joshua Liner Gallery

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Alex Gross Show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery



PLUS, a new book! ""Gross’s highly involved, figurative oil paintings defy categorization: his unusual hybrids, for all their dreamlike mystery, powerfully convey universal themes such as Love and Despair, Globalization and Consumerism, Communication and the lack of it. This slim, oversized edition catalogs the best of his groundbreaking work over the last four years, including several pieces from his Autumn 2010 exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York." Introduction by LA Weekly's Doug Harvey."


"Discrepancies" by Alex Gross at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Yumiko Kayukawa at La Luz de Jesus


PopDrawer fave Yumiko Kayukawa's new show in LA. "The Japanese phonetic pronunciation of 4 (shi) is also that of death, and 9 (ku) is also pain. After death, the dead are believed to wander the earth for 49 days as spirits. Part of the cremation ceremony involves the passing of the ashes via chopsticks from one mourner to the other. They are ultimately collected into an urn, which is taken home and kept for that same 49 days, until they are buried in a grave reserved for the wandering spirit –who is then free to be born again into new life.

The paintings in Yumiko Kayukawa’s "49 Days" all carry a feeling of existing between life and death, and in these pieces, images of food and chopsticks can pertain to either. One of Yumiko’s great passions is eating, which she views as the symbolic opposite of death. She has a marvelous knack for infusing her paintings with that appreciation for fine food and dining, and the figures in her work seem to enjoy flavors that convey unbelievable delight –leaving the viewer with a slight bite of wistful envy."



"49 Days" by Yumiko Kayukawa at La Luz de Jesus Gallery