Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Gift Edition, Vol. 1

Black Friday is coming, but this year they're calling it Gray Friday, due to low expected sales and mediocre consumer confidence (although it did bounce back surprisingly this morning). But in these uncertain times, why spend your hard-earned, rapidly deflating dollars on more mass-produced, uninspired consumo-gunk? Especially when there are one-of-a-kind (or few-of-a-kind) alternatives that say you cared enough to send the very unique.

So for as long as we can, we will seek out the original, the artsy, the PopDrawer-ishest goods we can find for you to give to your REAL loved ones -- the ones who might just give you something truly priceless in return (definition of priceless may be subject to federal and state laws, depending on the legality of hot loving for cash in your country of residence).

Today's edition: Original Pet Portraits by Molly Crabapple and Metal Apocalyptic-Ephunts by Amanda Visell and Fully Visual.


Original Pet Portraits: I once described here how I gave and received the best give ever simultaneously with a family portrait by one of my favorite artists. But admittedly this was an expensive endeavor. A far more affordable gift is a portrait of your loved one's best friend -- their pet (especially if your best friend IS your pet)! Superfantastic artist Molly Crabapple is here to help you with that this holiday season, and at a special price!! Molly will create an 8.5" x 11" pen, ink and watercolor portrait of that special pet in your life for the incredible price of $350. Email Molly now at Molly@MollyCrabapple.com to beat the holiday rush.


Apocalyptic-Ephunts by Amanda Visell and Fully Visual: Artist and toy-maker Amanda Visell has teamed up with metalsmiths Fully Visual to create shiny new metal toys for the holidays. What could be more yuley than an army of killer elephants? We can't think of a thing. The Apocalyptic-Ephunts are available in four metal colorways -- silver, gold (See? Silver and Gold? Very Rankin and Bass Rudolph, yes?), black nickel and copper. The sets of six pieces are limited to 60 each and go for $99.

And while you're shopping in the crowd-free aisles of Fully Visual, take a side-trip to the Bwana Spoons section, the Gama-Go section, and the Buff Monster section, while supplies last, of course.

Original Pet Portraits by Molly Crabapple

Metal Apocalyptic-Ephunts by Amanda Visell and Fully Visual

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