Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book About New Art


London Miles Gallery Curator and Author Tina Ziegler has penned a new book covering an array of new and up-and-coming artists around the globe.

"... Showcasing a contemporary view of international art featured in galleries and media across the globe. This striking collection of surrealism, pop art, illustration, collage, graphic design and mixed media represents many of today's most boundary-pushing artists. Aspects of this collection are dark, at times macabre, but these images are complemented by arrestingly playful pieces, and accompanied by first-person texts that shed light on how and why these individuals make their art."

Artists include PopDrawer faves Brandi Milne, Carlos Ramons, Edwin Ushiro, Elizabeth Mcgrath, Joshua Petker, Nathan Ota, Scott Belcastro, Scott Campbell, Tessar Lo, Tiffany Liu, Yoskay Yamamoto, and many many others.

More info at Hunt and Gather Art

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