Monday, February 9, 2009

Aaron Smith at Sloan Fine Art

Aaron Smith

Sloan Fine Art kicks some art world ass in 2009! And the ass-kicking begins this Wednesday with the amazing Aaron Smith, and soon-to-be-star Sarah Bedford in the project room. Aaron Smith adds a new twist to his neo-neo-classical repertoire (that's right, he's invented a neo art category) in his show "Mandrakes, Martyrs & Muck Snipes." According the press release, "Smith paints baroque and gothic sculptures as well as decorative objects preserved in museums around the world," and the results ba-rock. (Our apologies for that.)

In the project room, Sarah Bedford's paintings bring together cold rocky grays and vibrant yellows and blues to portray a wild, yet geometric view of the natural world that is eye-popping and energizing.

And this is just the beginning of a jaw-dropping season at Sloan Fine Art. Read this lineup and weep: Seonna Hong, Caroline Hwang & Saelee Oh, Liz McGrath, Marion Peck! And one of my favorite up-and-coming artists Tasha Kusama, of whose work I have a particular affection since the piece on Sloan's website happens to hang on my wall.

Aaron Smith

Sarah Bedford

Aaron Smith and Sarah Bedford at Sloan Fine Art

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