Monday, February 2, 2009


As evidenced by our lack of posts in January, we are up to our megabytes in other pursuits, both professional and personal. But we have no intention of abandoning PopDrawer now or anytime soon. So in an effort to continue blogging but also put forth the necessary time and energy towards the rest of life, we will be adding micro-posts to our repertoire. Starting this week, we will try to post more often, but in shorter lengths.

That's not to say we won't spend considerable space on some special events -- we will! But for now they will be fewer and further between.

But here is a little preview of the things we plan to cover. Lots of great art-related news percolating in this fresh new country (at least it seems that way -- fresh and new, that is). And here's a sneak peak...







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Ela Steel said...

Natalia's Hooker DreamEscape looks like it will be great. Thanks for posting it.