Thursday, February 26, 2009

NEW Edwin Ushiro Print at Paper Tiger

So much great stuff going on in the art world, so little time to blog. But we don't want to pass this up...

Another ethereal, mystical painting by Super-Talent Edwin Ushiro has been turned into a print by the very wise folks at Paper Tiger. If you follow PopDrawer you know Mr. Ushiro is one of our favorites, and we spoke to him a few months ago a possible interview in the near future. Hopefully our schedule and his will mesh sometime soon. Meanwhile we must satisfy ourselves with this lovely new work.


The print, titled "Birth of Unreckoning" is described thus by Mr. Ushiro: "In Hawaiian mythology, Madame Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, lightning, dance, volcanoes, and violence. Throughout my childhood in Hawaii, I have heard numerous reports from residents who have had an encounter with Pele. Many sightings forewarn an eruption of Kilauea (one of the world's most active volcano)." Feast your eyes on this gorgeous Close Encounter with Pele.

The 12x12" print is a tiny edition of just 25, printed on archival textured fine art paper. It's a very reasonable $100, and it's a stunner. We can't wait to bring you an interview with this amazing artist, but meanwhile don't miss out on this print!

"The Birth of Unreckoning" by Edwin Ushiro at Paper Tiger

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