Sunday, March 9, 2008

All the ladies in the house...


All-women group shows seem to be all the rage lately. It's a decent way to bring more notice to female artists, but we here at PopDrawer hope that we see fewer and fewer gender-based shows in the future and more and more shows that have nothing to do with gender and simply include these amazing artists who happen to be women. Having said that, the new show at Project:Gallery in Culver City, California is a great collection of five artists who happen to be women: Jen Corace, Katy Horan, Rebecca Artemisa Urias, Allison Cole, and Dan-Ah Kim. The show is called Kaleidoscope, and opened this weekend. According to the press release, "Each artist represents a whimsical and feminine style, that truly tells a greater story than at first glance." Go to the press release for more info on each artist. These very affordable pieces are going from below $100 to just above $1000. Head to the preview to take a look.


Kaleidoscope at Project:Gallery

Kaleidoscope Store

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