Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ryan McLennan -- From Fur to Bone


Next Saturday, April 5, a dark and fascinating new show by Ryan McLennan opens at Kinsey/DesForges gallery in Culver City, CA. Titled From Fur to Bone, the show contains pieces that hearken back to the Naturalist paintings of the 19th century, but altered to depict slightly fantastical elements (a topiary bear, for instance) to draw attention to environmental issues.

From the press release: "...inspired by many hours spent in the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains, this VCU grad and Virginia native has undertaken an in-depth inquiry into the evolution and displacement of North America wildlife, and his understanding of changing patterns in their behavior, incurred as a direct result of changes and destruction to their natural habitats..."

The show opens next Saturday, so if you want a piece, contact Kinsey/Desforges now to get on the waiting list.


From Fur to Bone

Ryan McLennan

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