Thursday, March 27, 2008

Alert! New Cotton Monsters Available NOW!!!


A new batch of Jennifer Strunge's wonderful hand-made cotton monsters are available NOW and they won't last long. Typically they sell out within a few hours. Luckily, this time Ms. Strunge is going to be posting a few new ones periodically over a short period of time, so if they're gone currently, you can keep[ checking back and you may get luckily enough to adopt one of these jolie laid monstrosities.

(Jolie-Laid translation: French for beautiful-ugly. Refers to a person or thing that is not traditionally beautiful, even ugly, but somehow appeals to our aesthetic sense. Examples -- Sandra Bernhard, Sandra Oh, Sandra Tsing Loh -- do you see a pattern here?)

Anyway, she has temporarily moved the store to the Etsy store. Get 'em while you can!!!


New Cotton Monsters Etsy Store

Cotton Monsters Site


Amy said...

These monsters are really, really cute. No wonder they sold fast.
They look cuddly.

Teddy Tenenbaum said...

Keep checking back at the Cotton Monsters site! She's going to post a few a day for a while I believe.