Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cotton Monsters are coming!!

Every week there seems to be a new line of plush monster toys coming out, but Jennifer Strunge’s Cotton Monster is unquestionably three-heads and shoulders above the pack. Cotton Monsters are handmade out of recycled clothes and linens, and each one is totally unique. Once every month or two, Ms. Strunge unleashes a pack of them in her store, and they’re inevitably gone by the following day.

Well tomorrow is that day! (Not the day they’re gone, the day they’re released). Go to the Cotton Monster Store early in the day if you want one. They move as fast as the zombies in 28 Days. Prices hover between $25 and $125 typically, depending on size and complexity. And with V-Day coming up, this may be your last chance to scare your sweetie with a cuddly creature.

Cotton Monster Store -- http://cottonmonster.com/osb/showitem.cfm?Category=0
Cotton Monster - www.CottonMonster.com

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