Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"If You Like", number 1 - Art and Ghosts, AKA Louise

We now present the first of an ongoing series, “If You Like...” In this series, PopDrawer will profile an emerging artist by crassly comparing them to two other possibly more well-known artists. So, if you like A and B, we bet you’ll like...

Today’s If You Like -- If you like Dave McKean (covers of Sandman graphic novels) and Marion Peck, you’ll probably like Art and Ghosts, AKA Louise.

In general, PopDrawer doesn’t plan on profiling artists who we know so little about too often, but we are way too intrigued with Louise of Art and Ghosts’s work to pass her by. We don’t even know her last name, but her art is mesmerizing. Art and Ghosts is both a blog profiling the enigmatic Louise’s work, and a shop at selling her wares. She describes her pieces as “fine art prints and photography, digital imagery and collage.” In her words “The majority of my images are inspired by fairytales, dolls and dreams (nightmares, too, are a prominent feature!;)”

Her work is full of haunting, wintery Victorian and Gothic images of little girls, furry animals, and little girls with furry animal heads. It’s somehow frightening and funny all at once. PopDrawer was immediately struck by both the classic fine art technique of her images and the eerie but beautiful subject matter. Here originals are ridiculously cheap at around $50-$60, her limited editions are about $30, and her prints are a steal at $20. But we would go with an original -- where can you get an original for $60?! This is a great way to start an art collection on a budget. PopDrawer predicts a that Louise will be getting a lot of attention in the future. Hopefully by you. Check out her work!

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