Monday, January 14, 2008

The futuristic past of Feric

Have you seen the cover of Giant Robot Magazine this month? We have, and it knocked our socks off.

Eric Feng, better known as Feric, is a New York artist who grew up in Taiwan. According to Feng, he started drawing as a child due to “mental problems” that caused him to not be able to express himself in words to others, so he turned to art to express himself. We wish our mental problems had such a beautiful result. His intricate line work merges Chinese and Western arts, but what is more striking is how he creates futuristic images (cyborgs, robotics, visionary vehicles) with ancient icons and both natural and mythical beings (Buddhas, wild animals, fairy-like creatures). As he says, his paintings are like fairy tales. But they are fairy tales of the future rather than the past. And they’re eye-popping. See for yourself.

He sells a select few of his images as giclees on his site, for prices between $100 and $410. Buy them now, because Feric has a bright future ahead of him.

Feric’s website --
Click on EDITIONS for his store.

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