Sunday, January 6, 2008

Who Needs Groceries Alert -- Gama-Go offers free wooden Deathbot toy

The first in an ongoing series of Who Needs Groceries Alerts, where PopDrawer alerts you to wonderful stuff you can buy to clutter your home and lighten your wallet.

Gama-Go, the clothing, toy and home accessories company partly owned by the amazing artist Tim Biskup is running a special. Just spend $120 on other Gama-Go goods (shamefully easy for PopDrawer to do) and receive a 5.5” tall wooden Deathbot Suit Wooden Figure (seen here). According to Gama-Go, supplies are limited (although the site doesn’t say how limited) and the figure is worth $60 on its own.

Have little lieblings running around? Check out Gama-Go’s new line for babies and toddlers called Gama-Goo. It’s fantastic stuff -- rare hip and affordable clothes for babies. You know the onesies and shirts are only going to stay clean for a few minutes, so buy in bulk!

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Bilge said...

OK, does it make me some kind of creep if I buy the onesies without having a toddler first? Those things look awesome.

Teddy Tenenbaum said...

Only if you plan to wear the onesie yourself.

- Teddy