Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Think inexpensive art: Thinkspace

Alex Garcia

If anyone is answering the promise of bringing new artists to the public at affordable prices, it’s the team being Los Angeles gallery Thinkspace. According the website “Established in November of 2005, Thinkspace is a joint venture between Cannibal Flower and Sour Harvest and is headed up by the husband and wife duo of Andrew and Shawn Hosner (Sour Harvest) and L. Croskey (Cannibal Flower founder/curator).” By offering up works by emerging artists at shockingly reasonable prices for original art, Thinkspace is helping to create a new generation of collectors and advance the careers of a new generation of talented artists.

The gallery has two shows up at any time, in a main gallery and a project room, and offers any unsold art on their website. It’s best to check in as soon as a new show opens to get the best selection, but there is a remarkably rich collection of unsold works on their site at any given time. Sure, many many of the works still show the immaturity of very new artists, but there are lots of diamonds in the rough, and plenty of polished diamonds as well. Something for everyone, as the saying goes. And the prices range from $100 to $1000, for the most part. Thinkspace also offers limited editions of it’s most popular pieces at an even lower rate. Right now - RIGHT NOW -- there are a number of very nice pieces for sale by mail (which is becoming a very common way for major galleries to sell their pieces). Thinking of starting a collection? Start small but smart at Thinkspace.


Jennybird Alcantara

Thinkspace Gallery -- http://www.sourharvest.com/thinkspace/index.php
Thinkspace unsold works - http://www.sourharvest.com/thinkspace/n_avail.php

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