Thursday, January 24, 2008

You rock! (and your baby does too!)


Here’s an awesome idea that I stole from the hilarious blog Valley Girl, Interrupted. (Full disclosure -- Valley Girl, Interrupted and PopDrawer cohabitate in a legalized relationship). At Rattle-N-Roll you can get a custom made rock-concert-style poster made that doubles as a birth announcement. Or a party invitation. Or a family holiday card. Or a wedding invitation. All with your picture done up in Rock God glory, or even better your kick-ass babies image. The geniuses at Rattle-N-Roll ask for a picture of the subject of the rock poster, you, your loved one, your little bundle of soiled diapers, whoever, and you choose the template or suggest a new design. And voila, a rock star (YOU!) is born.

Rattle-N-Roll will provide a template to choose from for $200 for two posters or $250 for 2 posters and 50 birth announcement cards (for one child -- each extra person is... well, extra), or you can create a custom design for a higher, unspecified price. Above is an example of one of their templates, and below is a custom job they did. This is unquestionably the coolest way to say “look, we had sex and made something other than a mess!”


Rattle-N-Roll -


Lori said...

Very funny blog with terrific idea! Please pass along thanks to VGI!

Teddy Tenenbaum said...

Thanks, Lori! If you get one made, please send it along!

Lori Lakin Hutcherson said...

will do... post strike. Can't quite justify it right now...