Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The FuturePast of Glenn Barr


When PopDrawer looks at the work of Glenn Barr, we get two overwhelming feelings -- amazement at the images that are somehow beautiful and ugly all at once, set as they are in a dark world that is both Beatnik and post-industrial all at once, and the desire to stay as far away from Detroit as possible, since that is where Mr. Barr lives and seems to be inspiration for the dingy, erotic world of his works. Mr. Barr has been a favorite in the Pop Surrealism movement for many years, and could very well be considered one of the fathers of the movement. His work has been featured in comics, music videos (including Bjork’s “I Miss You”) and animation, but it’s his paintings that truly inspire.

His next solo show is in June in Los Angeles at Billy Shire Fine Arts, but in the meantime you can purchase some new giclees in his store. The latest are in small editions of just 30 and available for $500. Mr. Barr also offers a great wooden toy and copies of his fantastic book Haunted Paradise. Visit his site for some beautiful decay now.


Glenn Barr - www.glbarr.com

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