Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sloan Fine Art opens in NY with amazing group show

Eric White

In the 1990s, one gallery in America influenced and nurtured the modern pop art world probably more than any other -- La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles. Its owner, Billy Shire, has been cited again and again as the godfather of the pop surrealism or lowbrow art movements. If Billy hire is the godfather, then the consigliere would certainly be Alix Sloan.

Alix was the director of La Luz de Jesus in the early 90s, and was a writer on the subject of art in the latter half of the 90s. In 2001 she became a private art dealer, consultant and curator and sold hundreds of works of art as well as managing and curating a number of shows, fine art monographs, lecture tours, exhibitions, publications and events. And in 2005, Alix helped Billy Shire launch his Billy Shire Fine Arts, the premier gallery of its kind. Today she is opening her own eponymous gallery in New York, and it is sure to be the influence in this decade that La Luz de Jesus was in the last, especially if the two part group show is any indication.

Alix has relationships with many of the most important and influential artists working today, and because of that her first group show is a collection of powerhouses. The first part, opening today, features works by Clayton Brothers, Vince Contarino, Nicholas Cope, Elizabeth McGrath,
Kristen Schiele, Aaron Smith and Eric White, while part two will be comprised of works by Andrea Aversa, Jud Bergeron, Marion Peck, Jean-Pierre Roy, Mark Ryden and Joe Sorren. Click here to see the works in part one. We’ve posted a few of the works here.

Every serious collector or anyone interesting in starting or expanding their collection (or anyone who just wants to see some seriously amazing art) needs to visit Sloan Fine Art’s website early and often.

Elizabeth McGrath

The Clayton Brothers

Nicholas Cope

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