Sunday, March 2, 2008

UPDATE -- New Baseman Print


The new Gary Baseman print, "Celeste", is NOW AVAILABLE. And check out this beauty (the print, not the model). The print is a 24 layer serigraph created with The Decoder Ring over 6 days in Austin, Texas. Each print is on Coventry Rag heavyweight archival paper. Signed, numbered and embossed.

This is an edition of 100 with 80 available for purchase. The first 50 are $250 plus shipping. The next 15 will be $275 and the final 15 will be $300.

Gary told us "I am actually trying to do the print like a painting, in the sense, I am creating the next color right after the last color was laid done. There should be over 20 colors but I want it to look like there is only 2."

Get yours while you can!

"Celeste" print by Gary Baseman

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