Thursday, September 4, 2008

Anne Faith Nichols at La Luz


Some great shows open this weekend in L.A. -- Let's start with Anne Faith Nichols at La Luz de Jesus (more to follow later today, we hope).

Rising star (and now L.A.-based) Ms. Nichols has her first solo show at La Luz, and it looks to be a stunning one. The show is called "Neofolk," and here Ms. Nichold explains:

"Neofolk" is a new kind of folk art inspired by the narrative paintings of early colonial American and European folk art and the subconscious roots of Surrealism. "Neofolk" is the perfect way to describe multi-talented artist Anne Faith Nicholls' current style. "I like the way folk artists used paintings as a way to chronicle their day to day lives. So now, I am doing the same with my experience in Los Angeles. It's about change, relocation, growth, uncertainty, emotion, fear, love and perseverance. The show is unapologetically autobiographical and a great opportunity for a collector to obtain a deeply personal work," states Nicholls, whose story is as colorful and unique as her art.

"Neofolk" consists of oil and acrylic paintings, drawings, installation and sculpture. The artist uses distressed wood and canvas for an antiquated look and feel that is part of her signature style. Drawings and supportive imagery will also be on display along with an installation that will give some insight to her creative process. Each work, true to her illustration background, has a story or mystery to it. Like a dreamscape, several different scenes appear to happen concurrently within one piece. Heavy with mood, her work is emotional and symbolic with her signature characters and imagery.

She says that she wants to win over her new hometown, L.A., with this show. No worries there. You had us at "Neo."



Anne Faith Nichols at La Luz de Jesus

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