Friday, September 12, 2008

Do Toy Robots Dream of PlaySkool Sheep?


By 2008, weren't we all supposed to have personal robots to help us with our daily mundanities? But of course, the present is always disappointing compared with the past's future.

But thanks to Mike Slobot, the future has arrived, at least in toy form. Mr. Slobot creates unique art robots from a wide array of materials. Each robot has its own story and abilities. Some have LED lighting, positionable limbs, glow-in-the-dark parts. Some can create clean fission energy from trash (well, that's on our wish list).

Take, for example, SLOQEE7b (above). SLOQEE7b "is a deep sea miner robot that spends months and months underwater slowly mining ore for his employer. His greatest hope is that one day he will find a job on the surface helping people, far away from his slave-driving employer." Meanwhile, SCUBA STEVE (below) has a more environmental directive. Scuba Steve “is a shark hunting robot. His chief concern in life is causing humans and sharks to live in peace. If a shark won’t listen to reason, then Scuba Steve pulls their teeth out (but still lets the shark live.)"

Go to Mike Slobot's website and adopt a robot of your own.


Mike Slobot's Official Site

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