Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tim Biskup, Come on Down!


We're starting to really like these internets, as John McCain might say. First Bwana Spoons has a blog, then we find Joe Sorren's, we happily stumble upon Ana Bagayan's and Amy Crehore's, and now Tim Biskup has just announced that his new blog is up and running! In what other time, in what other medium, have we the art-adoring public had such access to the process of art and the mind of the artists? Hail blogosphere, we salute you!

(And mark your calendars! Tim's new print, Tree of Life, a gorgeous 30-color serigraph in a limited edition of 100 is available on October 10th at Flopdoodle.com)


Tim Biskup's Blog

Tim Biskup's Tree of Life Serigraph

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