Friday, October 3, 2008

Two, Two, Two Artists in One

Charlotte Walton + Fawn Gehweiler at Grass Hut

There are so many amazing shows this weekend we feel terrible that we aren't covering each one. We will do what we can, but here is a quick rundown of the general awesomeness on display:

Nathan Ota and Joel Nakamura at La Luz

Joshua Petker at Corey Helford Gallery

Park Life Group Show at Subliminal Projects (featuring Jordan Crane, Shepard and Amanda Fairey, Mel Kadel, Luke Ramsey, Florencio Zavala, and dozens more)

And maybe the coolest of all, Hut on an Island, the collaborative group show at Grass Hut Gallery. Once again, Bwana and Scrappers at Grass Hut have knocked it out o the park with another original show. According to Grass Hut:

This whole show was an experiment. We wanted to see what would happen when a bunch of artists who didn’t know each other collaborated on art together. Some amazing work came for it. Half of the artists are from Islands Fold and the other half is from Grass Hut.

Here's the Grass Hut and Islands Fold artists we teamed up:
Spencer Hibert + Marco Zamora, Johnathan R. Storm + Dawn Riddle, Luke Ramsey + Jill Bliss, Zeesy Powers + Scrappers, Ben Jacques + Le Merde, Irana Douer + Betsy Walton, Bwana Spoons + Theo Ellsworth, Charlotte Walton + Fawn Gehweiler, Oliver Hibert + Owen Plummer, Maseman + Arbito, Shawn Wolfe + Kinoko, Howie Tsui + Apak

The pieces are available now. Affordable and unique, they are all must-buys.

Nathan Ota at La Luz

Joshua Petker at Corey Helford

Hut on an Island at Grass Hut Gallery


slobot said...

i absolutely love this work by nathan ota...

Teddy Tenenbaum said...

It's great, isn't it? Have you seen the work of Jeff Soto? If you like Mr. Ota's work, you might like Jeff's as well?

Or perhaps the genius of MHeisler? Might be just up your alley.