Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tim Biskup's Operating System


Better than Windows Vista (what isn't?) and more aesthetically-pleasing than Mac's Leopard is Tim Biskup's new operating system - O/S. Actually, this O/S is Tim's new show at Paris gallery Addict Galerie. The exhibition opens October 11th, and is a bold new move for Tim wherein each piece is actually an intricate system of painting and pedestal. The paintings are each packed into crate which when reassembled becomes the pedestal itself.

From the gallery: These "systems", as the artist calls them, constitute a fusion of Biskup's aesthetic style and his conceptual theories. The pieces are intended to represent the interconnection between art itself and the peripheral elements that allow it to exist. As a metaphor, the "systems" ask the question of weather [sic] the peripheral elements actually add to or distract from the the artwork being presented.

Included in the show is the previously announced 30-color serigraph "Tree of Life." The print will be available for purchase Friday, October 10th, 12 Noon, Pacific Time, is HUGE at 36" x 26", comes in a edition of 100, and goes for $600.


Tim Biskup's O/S at Addicte Galerie

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