Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pencil me in

Saudi Women of London tiny.gif
Kirsten Ulve

What if humble pencil were the only medium available to artists, if color and texture simply disappeared from the art world? It might be a very bleak world indeed. But Gallery Hanahou in New York has posed that question to a group of talented artists and gotten results that prove the above assumption flatly false.

"Spread the Lead," Gallery Hanahou's new show opening tonight, October 16th (from 6-8 PM), collects a group of artists that includes Kirsten Ulve, Apak, and Kenzo Minami, among others, with works done only in graphite. And as an added bonus, each work will be sold with the pencil that the artist used to create the work. But the show is tonight, so get the lead out! (Ugh).


Spread the Lead at Gallery Hanahou

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