Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sketch for Change - Art for Obama

Jeff Soto

Okay, this blog is not supposed to be political. Sure, we are passionate partisans when it comes to politics. But when it comes to art, we don't believe in blue paint, we don't believe in red paint, we believe in red, white and blue paint (and every other color of paint).

Having said (written) that, we at PopDrawer will be plum tickled to post an "Art for McCain" event somewhere in a red state, if one exists, and if the art is halfway decent. Barring that unlikelihood, we will limit ourselves to the fantastic art for Obama events that have been occurring left, right and center. So here's the latest (and one of the greatest).

Ana Bagayan and Ara Devejian have created Sketch for Change - Art for Obama, an online event in which 21 World-Class Artists created a Sketch for Change to benefit Barack Obama. The sketches are currently on auction on eBay and will be closing sometime on Saturday, October 25th. All proceeds raised will benefit Barack Obama's Campaign for Change.

So who's participating? Check out this superstar list! Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Jeff Soto, Glenn Barr, Daniel Peacock, Shag, Dave Cooper, Ana Bagayan & Ara Devejian (natch), Amanda Visell, James Jean, Bob Dob, Gris Grimly, Brandi Milne, Thomas Han, Joe Ledbetter, Lola, Luke Chueh, Mark Murphy, Julita Januszewska, and Nathan Spoor. (Phew, my link finger is tired).

In addition, anyone is invited to submit a sketch for a group art show that we will put together in uber-battleground state Nevada the weekend before the election. (More info to come). Currently the sketches are running between $31 and $480, but the prices are bound to rise quickly. You should bid, too! Don't you want to be part of history? These are no mere talking points!

P.S. Scattered in this entry are links to our favorite political sites on all sides of the ideological spectrum. Take a look -- no matter your political stripe, these are sure to intrigue.

Gary Baseman

Tim Biskup

Ana Bagayan and Ara Devejian

Sketch for Change - Art for Obama

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