Friday, October 10, 2008

New Bwana Spoons Print TODAY!


It's almost Halloween! That means two things. 1) Bwana Spoons has a new Halloween-style print being released today, and 2) malls will be putting up Christmas decorations this weekend. And in one of those perfect confluences, Bwana's new print would make a great Christmas present.

"The Great Pocket Globby Pumpkin Tree" will be released at Noon Pacific Time today (Friday, Oct. 10th) at Bwana's site. There will also be 10 custom pocket globby for sale first to SARS members earlier in the morning, and then what's left will go to the public at noon as well. The customs will include one tiny globby painting as well (a section of the bigger great globby pumpkin tree piece).

The Great Pocket Globby Pumpkin Tree Print

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