Monday, October 6, 2008

Joe Ryckebosch at my love for you is a stampede of horses


Meighan at my love for you makes another fantastic discovery at Etsy. His name is Joe Ryckebosch, and although we can't pronounce his name we are already big fans.

From my love: Joe uses 95% recycled materials found at thrift stores, yard sales and scrap yards in his work. his combination of colored tape, old magazine images and photographs are brilliantly placed... Joe says this about his work:

"i want the viewer to see these familiar and not so familiar images in a different manner. i try to leave the focal point of the image intact, while adding colors and patterns that could have always been there, but just never seen until now.

And now that we've done a citation within a citation, we can shut down the blog forever. Good-bye.


Joe Ryckebosch at my love for you...

Joe Ryckebosch's Etsy Store

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