Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bwana Spoons Cosmic Toy Lands on Friday


Not too much info on this yet, but Bwana Spoons is bringing a delicious little toy to Earth this Friday, Noon PDT. His name is Cosmos Eaton. Scratch that. HER name is Cosmos Eaton. (Don't want to be accused of sexism.) (Actually, it could be sexist to refer to a cute little toy as "her.") (Man, we are confused here. What is the appropriate pronoun?!) (We mean, "Woman, are confused here...") (AGH!)

IT'S name is Cosmos Eaton, and it will come with a signed and numbered giclee. Don't know how much it will be, so you'll have to check back at Bwana's store on Friday.

Cosmos Eaton at Bwana's Store

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