Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kids, Parents, Teachers - Art Scholarship Contest


Three cheers for Ana Bagayan and Ara Devejian! As if they weren't already giving enough to the world with their beautiful art and design, now they're giving to the children (do NOT snarkily insert Whitney Houston lyric here). Together they have formed the Anra Children's Art Scholarship Contest, a new scholarship offering a total of $2000 to children 12-18 who submit the winning works of art.

The contest, which ends November 28th, asks children to send up to two works of art, in one of a multitude of media, as long as it follows the theme of Dream/Nightmare. There will be two winners in each of the two age groups, 12-15 and 16-18. But isn't everyone a winner when kids with sharp writing instruments are pitted against each other?

But seriously, folks, if you know a talented child, or the parent of a talented child, or an art teacher, please send them to the website at The Adventures of Anra, or download and print the application and rules here.

The Anra Children's Art Scholarship Contest

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