Friday, August 22, 2008

"I Am 8-Bit" Prints at A Paper Tiger

Scott Belcastro

A Paper Tiger has become the official home for prints from the wildly successful "I am 8-Bit" show at World of Wonder, a show which invited a boatload of great artists to create an homage to the video games they played as kids, from Atari to Nintendo to Colecovision...

Now a chosen few of those works will be turned into limited prints by A Paper Tiger. And the first two have just arrived. Scott Belcastro brings us "Link vs. Gannon" while Scott C. gives us “Great Showdowns (of the 8-Bit Era).”

Mr. Belcastro's "Link vs. Gannon" is a 12" x 12" print in a run of 50 prints, and it goes for $100. Mr. C.'s piece is actually a set of five mini-prints (featuring Donkey Kong, Frogger, Tetris, and others) and comes in edition of 30, also for $100.

Get them now, because soon it will be Game Over.


I am 8-Bit Prints at A Paper Tiger

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