Friday, August 15, 2008

"Buried Beneath Me" Opens at Project:Gallery

Rebecca Urias

Friends United Network (FUN) is a mysterious organization of artists with an even more mysterious website occasionally selling art tees and announcing group shows and events, without saying much about who they are or what they do, other than running with wolves and climbing the highest mountains (?). But we THINK they are Derek Albeck, Rebecca Urias, Ken Garduno, and others.

And this weekend (starting Saturday August 16th from 7-10 PM) they will be opening a show entitled "Buried Beneath Me" at project:gallery. This is how the show is described:

"The concept for the exhibition is the idea of being "buried" - and not necessarily in a morbid way. The main body of work will be a reflection on the simple beauties which are so often overlooked in our fast-paced lives, emphasizing that we are a relatively small, but important, part of a larger collective consciousness. The hope is that this show will help the viewer recognize the playful joys of living despite being "Buried" under a mound of superimposed social constraints."

Mr. Albeck, Ms. Urias, and Mr. Garduno will be showing new works, along with six other artists. The preview can be seen here. And the prices are very affordable. So go have some F.U.N. this weekend.

Ian Mailhot

"Buried Beneath Me" at project:gallery

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