Friday, August 8, 2008

Stella Im Hultberg Show at Thinkspace


Rapidly rising artist Stella Im Hultberg brings her tormented beauties to Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles this weekend with her new show "Raveled."

From the press release: "Having grown up in Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan, Hultberg became a big fan of traditional Asian animation and was particularly drawn to the style featured in magna comics. Her work is a blend of old and new styles and techniques. There are strong classical elements in her work as well as a clear Asian influence in regard to her choice of materials and her use of calligraphic marks. There is also a very strong connection to expressionist artists such as Gustav Klimpt and Egon Schiele."

And her work is gaining lots of fans. Her name is one you hear in the Surreal Pop discussion boards. Her work is still affordable, but prices are going up. This show is sure to be a sellout. Opening reception is Friday, August 8th, from 7-11 PM.


Stella Im Hultberg's "Raveled" at Thinkspace Gallery Sneak Peek

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