Sunday, August 31, 2008

Andrew Brandou Opens the Funk Drawer


Grass Hut Gallery brings us another fantastic surprise show, this one from master Andrew Brandou. In this mini-show, "From The Funk Drawer," Mr. Brandou brings us items that have been stored away from sight. Now, lucky us!, Grass Hut is putting them up for sale.

From Grass Hut:

Andrew Brandou is a flipping wizard in a large cone-shaped hat when it comes to brushwork. He has the skill-set to paint anything in any style he chooses. Lush natural settings, brightly colored flowers, day of the dead, or even Audoban nature/pop art scenery. His more commonly reoccurring characters in the vein of vintage Richard Scarry and Gustaf Tenggren, but always with a twist. His characters look so innocent, but often are doing something a little sinister.

The show opens tonight, August 31st, 2008. Go here to see the show when it appears.


Andrew Brandou's From the Funk Drawer at Grass Hut Gallery