Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lucky New Yorkers!


Most of us picked up a crayon and drew on our walls at some point in our childhood. Lots of us got a good smack when we did it, too. And yet now, we pay people good money to come and paint pictures all over the walls. These days mural artists make a good living painting pictures all over nursery walls. When artist Ami Suma moved to America from Tokyo as a teenager, she was amazed to discover that Americans paint their own walls, whereas in Tokyo walls are typically covered with a plastic wallpaper. Remembering her childhood wish to create an imaginary dreamland in her own bedroom, she turned that wish into a business -- painting playful murals in your child's room. While Ms. Suma continues to work as a fashion editor for numerous Japanese fashion pubs, she is available for mural consultation and painting in the New York area. And all this with non-toxic zero-V.O.C. paint.

Ami Suma's Website

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