Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blab! the Art Show

Tim Biskup

Few people have been as big a part of the Pop Surreal movement as Monte Beauchamp. As the publisher and editor of the Blab! art and comic anthology. The Blab! books are consistently amazing, regularly including stunning art and graphic writing by the best in the business, including Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, The Clayton Brothers, Daniel Clowes, Joe Coleman, Camille Rose Garcia, Peter Kuper, Mark Ryden, and Chris Ware.

Thanks to Julie Rasmussen at A Little Birdy Told Me, we bring you a preview of the fourth Group Annual Art Exhibition featuring work from the next issue of Blab! And the list of artists is as phenomenal as always. This year's roster includes Baseman, Shag, Travis Louie, Ron English, Luke Chueh, Gary Taxali, Kevin Scalzo, Mark Todd and a whole lot more.

The show opens September 6th at 8 PM at Copro/Nason Gallery. And here's the preview. All art is for sale.


The Blab! Show at Copro/Nason

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