Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bwana Spoons and Grass Hut at the Comic-Con


Getting excited about Comic-Con. Man, am I a geek.

And can't wait to visit the Grass Hut booth at booth 4936. Bwana Spoons will be there, along with others greats from the Grass Hut crew. Here's Bwana's schedule at the Con:

* I'll be at the Grass Hut booth 4936 Friday
* I'll be at the Gargamel booth 4739 Saturday
* New Globby Guts tee in galaxy blue
* Everyday- new customs at the Grass Hut Booth
* Friday- Jelly Factory Resin Blind Box 12noon at the Grass Hut booth. * Saturday- Signing and Globby + Secret release at the Gargamel booth.

Don't miss out on your Jelly Factory Resin Blind Box! (Huh?)

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