Monday, July 28, 2008

Common Threadz


After the materialistic blow-out that was the Comic-Con, we feel a little giving back is in order. And in true consumerist tradition, we found an organization that gives us something for giving to someone in need. Common Threadz produces a line of limited edition t-shirts with designs donated by talented artists for adults and children. And for each t-shirt purchased ($38), Common Threadz donates a school uniform to a child in need in Africa or India. Why is a school uniform so important in these poverty-stricken areas? Because "in many developing countries not having a school uniform means that you are not allowed to go to school, or that by not having one you wear the stigma of having AIDS. For something so simple as a uniform it seems senseless that orphans and vulnerable children are missing out on the chance of an education and the joy of forming friendships with kids their same age... In Africa alone, millions of children have never set foot in a school because they cannot afford the required uniform."

In addition to the donation of the uniforms, Common Threadz raises awareness and funds for a multitude of other charity organizations. Each t-shirt is dedicated to a different cause, and designed as a reflection of that cause. So with each purchase, you help two two causes in one fell swoop. Genius.

Buy a t-shirt from Common Threadz and feel like Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, and a fashion maven all at once.

(Thanks to Urban Baby for the link).


Common Threadz

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