Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get Your Design On - UPDATE 8-1-08


If you live in Japan, Korea, China, Honk Kong, the UK, or Manhattan, you've probably been to a Uniqlo store. Referred to by many as The Gap of Japan, Uniqlo offers basic clothing at low prices. One of the things Uniqlo does very well is design t-shits. Often hiring well-known artists (like Amy Ruppel) to do designs, Uniqlo puts out hundreds of t-shirts per year for about 16 bucks. In Japan they even have UT Stores, which are Uniqlo stores that carry only their popular tees and sell them from vending machines (what else?). Now it's your chance to design one of those shirts and walk away with enough yen to buy 2000 UT shirts!

For the last five years, Uniqlo has sponsored its UT Grand Prix, where it invites Japanese citizens to design a shirt which it will then sell in its stores. This year that contest is open to entrants worldwide, and the prize is 3,000,000 Yen, or about $30,000! The rules and regulations, as well as the t-shirt templates are on the UT Grand Prix website. Go make some beauty and make PopDrawer proud!

Amy Ruppel Uniqlo design

CORRECTION! Oops. Our bad. We accidentally identified the above image as Amy's Uniqlo design when in fact it was a design she did for ReForm School, a print which is now completely sold out. BELOW is her t-shirt for Uniqlo. Sorry Amy!


Uniqlo UT Grand Prix T-Shirt Design Contest

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