Friday, July 25, 2008

Comic-Con Report Coming Tonight

Stay tuned! The email will probably go out before we're done with the Comic-Con report, but if you're in San Diego and want to see what we saw and liked, tune back in tonight to PopDrawer.

Here's a sneak peak. OY!



Karin said...

Thanks for the hard work. With the con getting larger and larger every year, it's harder to find the artist you want to.

Teddy Tenenbaum said...

My pleasure! Hope you have fun and spend way too much money. I know I did!

retro audrey said...

Have you heard of Dr Sketchy's? They are at Comic Con this year! I wish I was going. They are having an event tonight too!

Teddy Tenenbaum said...

Hi Audrey. I hadn't heard of Dr. Sketchy's until I just looked it up. (I did blog about Molly Crabapple's show recently, but didn't know of her other project). Sounds fun! And a great blog entry. I'll try to get to it this week. Thanks for the tip!