Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lisa Congdon - Etsy Shop of the Week


San Francisco-based artist Lisa Congdon didn't start making art until she was 33. That was just seven years ago. Entirely self-taught, Ms. Congdon creates lovely paintings, drawings and collages with a folk-art or outside-art bent, and much of her work features nature subjects. She makes her work available on her Etsy store Lisa Congdon Art and Craft.

If teaching oneself to create art at 33 isn't accomplished enough, Ms. Congdon also co-owns the San Francisco home and lifestlye store Rare Device and runs her own vintage shop on Etsy. She also has an upcoming two-person show with Lisa Solomon opening at Artstream Gallery in Rochester, NH opening on July 18th. Oy, we're suddenly feeling under-accomplished.


Lisa Congdon's Official Site

Lisa Congdon's Blog

Lisa Congdon's Etsy Store

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