Sunday, February 17, 2008

The best of Poketo - Oksana Badrak

What is Poketo, you ask? Poketo is an awesome e-store selling everything from t-shirts to wallets to dishware to stationery to... to... seemingly everything. And all emblazoned with the work of some of the best artists working today. Artists like Oksana Badrak, for instance.

First, a little about Ms. Badrak. Yet another graduate from the fine institution of the Art Center in Pasadena (see Ryden, Clayton Brothers, and on and on), Ms. Badrak hails from Moscow, and in addition to earning recognition from the Society of Illustrators, she has been published in numerous mags, including Entertainment Weekly, Travel + Leisure, the New Yorker, and Playboy, which PopDrawer knows about because we read Playboy for the art. She has also done work for Target, Nike, and many others. And she has been doing more and more fine art shows. Her works are stunningly beautiful collage-like images, often of animals cavorting in fantastical settings. Throw in the occasional headless body or body wearing an animal costume head, and you have just a taste of Ms. Badrak's crazy, gorgeous world. Currently, she has a number of very inexpensive prints available at Thumbtack Press (more about Thumbtack in a later post) for just about $40 apiece. But this post is supposed to be about Poketo, so...

Poketo is offering a few Oksana Badrak items, including a couple of awesome plate sets for $28, and a couple of wallets for $20 apiece. What a perfect pairing. Put some money in your Badrak wallet, buy some grub, and bring it home to put on your Badrak plates. It's as if they planned it that way!


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