Sunday, February 3, 2008

If You Like... Number #3 - Stephan Britt (AKA S. Britt)

We now present the third entry in our ongoing series, “If You Like...” In this series, PopDrawer will profile an emerging artist by crassly comparing them to two other possibly more well-known artists. So, if you like A and B, we bet you’ll like...

Today’s If You Like -- If you like Charles Addams (creator of legendary comic The Addams Family) and Golden Books, you’ll probably like Stephan Britt, AKA S. Britt.

PopDrawer likes to check in with Mr. Britt’s website and blog every so often to see what this very funny, very talented artist has up his sleeve, whether it be new illustrations for Target, a new t-shirt (get ‘em before they disappear!), or just a new entertaining blog post. Mr. Britt’s influences are for the most part cartoonists of the mid-century, and his work is nostalgic and sweet.

And if you’re looking for great, inexpensive tees (like, say $14), Mr. Britt never disappoints! Just click on his store and buy, buy, buy!

S. Britt -

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