Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who Needs Groceries Alert - Tim Biskup's new toy... in CHROME!

The third in an ongoing series of Who Needs Groceries Alerts, where PopDrawer alerts you to wonderful stuff you can buy to clutter your home and lighten your wallet.

Tim Biskup’s classic toy Pollard os coming out this Friday in chrome. Chrome! Shining, beautiful, automotive chrome! This is extremely rare for an art toy. For any toy. Look at him, shining like a beacon to welcome impoverished immigrant toys to our fair shores.

When humans are slaves to intelligent apes, only one thing will remain to remind the poor humans of the technology and culture that once ruled the animal world. His name is Pollard, and ironically, he is animal.

Get him on Friday, Noon Pacific TIme, right here, for $300. This comes in a custom made wooden box with a signed AND a numbered 6-color serigraphed slide-top in a tiny edition of 40. Hail Pollard!

Tim Biskup’s store, Flopdoodle - http://www.flopdoodle.com

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