Friday, February 22, 2008

Tooth Fairy Helper


As some of PopDrawer's have realized, we are very attracted to funky kid stuff. Why? One, we're really just 10 year-old toy fetishists at heart, and two, we have kids of our own. And happily we live in a culture where other parents are creating cool stuff for their kids and the thriving childrens' marketplace. So we apologize to the footloose and fancy free non-parents out there as we once again wax rhapsodic over a fun new item for kids and the adults who love them (and I mean parents, no NAMBLA).

And once again we lazily turn to the fantastic writing of Valley Girl, Interrupted for a piece about a great new product from our friends at Gama-goo. Read on...

"...Not to mention the highly inconvenient ritual of hiding a tooth under a pillow. I’m sure this ritual was designed just to torture parents right before bedtime. Baby teeth are teeny tiny and impossible to find when you’re groping your hand gingerly under your sleeping child’s head in the dark. Retrieving them is like playing that horrible Operation game when you were a kid. Your hand is shaking unsteadily, nerves on edge and you break into a sweat as you burrow your hands under the pillow.

I’ve found my hand trapped under my son’s heavy cranium on more than one occasion, terrified of moving and waking him up. Even when I do manage to execute this delicate operation of retrieving the plaque-ridden little tooth and replacing it with money, my son is such a thrasher at night that the errant bill always manages to flutter behind the bed or get lost in the sheets.

These little pillows tooth fairy pillow are a stroke of genius. They’re made from recycled irregular Gama-Go t-shirts, so they’re super-soft and cozy. Even better, they come equipped with a little pocket in the back to store a tooth and the money the tooth fairy leaves behind. This way, you can avert the morning drama, when your child tearfully rips apart the bedspread in search of payment due."

We see other non-kid uses for this clever little invention. A way for a guy to present his gal with a ring (hidden in the tooth pocket)? A glass-eye-keeper? The possibilities are endless for just 40 bucks!


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