Monday, February 25, 2008

French Dunnies


First French fries take over America, next the French Dunny. The newest line of Dunnies (or is the plural of Dunny actually Dunnys?) arrived on our shores in KidRobot stores last Thursday. With 21 different designs by 19 different artists, there is a potpourri of choices from which to choose. But ah, mon dieu, you cannot choose! This is a blind assortment, which means you get whatever comes in the little 3-inch box. But $6.95 is a small price to pay for a little mystery in your banal life, n'est-ce pas? Or, if you must have them all, you can purchase the entire assortment (with no doubles) for less than $150. Just follow the instructions on the ordering page carefully.

Here's a brief description from KidRobot...

"The French are invading! Kidrobot takes a trip across the Atlantic to collect designs from France's hottest artists. The French art scene left a lasting impression on 2007 with an explosion of new and upcoming talent making their mark on contemporary culture.

A variety of artists rocked Dunny in this exciting new series. 123 Klan, SKWAK, Tilt, SUPERDEUX and MIST are just a few of the artists chosen to collaborate on this lovely new series."

Get 'em before they emigrate.


French Dunny


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