Saturday, February 16, 2008

Evan Hecox meets Mexico City


If you don't know Evan Hecox by name, you almost certainly know him by image. His work has graced endless youth-oriented products, from skateboards to t-shirts to album covers and on and on. His images of urban scenes have a simple graphic beauty to them because of his spare use of color combined with intricate black-gray-white detail. The landscapes are bold and surprising due to his removal of some details and emphasizing of others. It's a style that has allowed him to grab attention and success in both the fine art world and in illustration. And now he's tackled the urban complexity of Mexico City in his new show at Kinsey/DesForges Gallery in Culver City, CA.

In DF (Distrito Federal), which is the Mexico City locals call their hometown, Mr. Hecox attacks the streets of one of the most cosmopolitan and at the same time ancient cities in the Americas. In his own words ""The history feels so heavy... this hectic, modern city built on top of Mayan and Aztec ruins... filled with people just trying to get by day-to-day, selling whatever they can on the street - people that are ingenious and adaptive in the ways they manage to survive in a place like this." So far, only one image on the site, but by the looks of it, the show is going to be eye-popping.


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