Monday, February 4, 2008

Martin Ontiveros Rocks! (Or at least his unicorns do)

PopDrawer has been a rabid fan of Portland-based Martin Ontiveros for half a decade, ever since seeing a solo show of his at Sixspace in LA. Back then he was prone to painting vivid creatures and Mexican wrestlers, and in his new show at the Grasshut Gallery in Portland (owned by artist Bwana Spoons) Mr. Ontiveros breaks out with... vivid creatures and rock and roll demons! The show opened last Friday night and almost sold out almost immediately. But fear not! A few choice paintings are still available. (Alas, all the toys seem to be gone).

Go to Grass Hut’s Etsy shop to buy some demonic rock and roll (not the Led Zeppelin kind). While there, you can also purchase (for a mere $15) the awesome Calendork calendar. But more about that in the next post!

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