Sunday, April 13, 2008

Alex Lukas' Explosions


We wish we knew more about Alex Lukas. We plan to find out more. Meanwhile, we just goggle at his beautiful art. Mr. Lukas has a 2-person show coming up at PARK LIFE in San Francisco beginning May 9th, and has had numerous solo and group shows in the past few years. And PopDrawer is going on record to predict that he will have many more shows in the coming years.

Here is what we learned from Pike Modern Art Gallery in Milford, Pennsylvania. "While a Rhode Island School of Design student in 2001, Lukas founded Cantab Publishing, which specializes in low run, hand made artists' 'zines. Since that time he has released more than 20 titles, including over 1,500 copies made by hand. In 2005, Lukas was crowned the "King of Zine" by Tokion Magazine. Lukas has contributed both artwork and writing to Swindle Magazine, Apenest and The Drama Magazine."

Here's what we know from just enjoying his art. He likes drawing fire and smoke. His work often focuses on buildings, factories, etc. with a frightening but beautiful plume of fire and smoke emitting from them, as if an explosion has just taken place. (At PopDrawer we understand this fascination -- as the brilliant Harry Shearer once said "Fire -- man's first entertainment, man's best entertainment.) And some of his newer works show floods overtaking similar landscapes. Fascinating and horrifying all at once. PopDrawer will be following his career closely.


Alex Lukas' official site

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