Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Enigmatic Alex Gross


To be honest, we don't know if artist Alex Gross is enigmatic himself, but his works most definitely are. Mr. Gross is one of the most accomplished artists in the broad field of Surreal Pop (or Pop Surrealism), and his first solo New York show opened this past weekend at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The show, entitled "Mysteries and Manners" is full of his otherworldly paintings that include his trademark vintage Asian advertising references and animal imagery. It's another stunning show for Mr. Gross.

According the press release: "Mysteries and Manners features highly involved, figurative paintings that contain enigmatic narratives. Birds and butterflies, snakes and goats, crashing aircraft, beautiful brides, and even ice cream cones populate Alex’s large canvases. There is a dreamlike quality in all of his work, creating unusual hybrids that form some strange new world, which we cannot fully decipher. Alex’s figures, barely emotive at times, seem peacefully ambivalent towards their complex, chaotic environments. His work suggests the unspoken distress of humanity—that, which is understood by all, yet remains hidden from human consciousness." There are still some works available in the gallery's online store, some for a mere $450.

Mr. Gross has published two books of his works, and had a museum retrospective of his work in California. In addition to his books, you can purchase some jaw-droppingly gorgeous limited edition giclees on his own website. The editions are limited to 50, and cost from $149 to $399.


"Mysteries and Manners" at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Alex Gross' official website

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